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My eyes are hollow like my soul [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Malachy Ronan Flynn

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(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2011|04:18 am]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |sillysilly]

Quinn has cold toes in June!
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(no subject) [Sep. 14th, 2010|04:31 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |crappycrappy]

i'm so sorry.
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(no subject) [Aug. 23rd, 2010|11:29 am]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |happyhappy]

QUinny is with me on tour and we had some driknings! Mostly Deidre did the drinking becase she has a nanny and she can drink now so she's a pirate in the bed with my husband! And Spectre is telling me to get off the computer because we have to go to GLAsgcow to morrow!

It was a very nice first concertt for Frankenstein though yay!
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Private and then filtered to Quinn [May. 31st, 2010|04:15 am]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]

AARRRGGGHHHHHHHH 'your girl'?! 'banging'?! OH GOOD FUCK you so do not deserve her, you cro-magnon asshat!

Edit: Oh god, Quinny. Thank fucking everything for you.
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Filtered to Giles [May. 31st, 2010|03:41 am]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |angryangry]

I don't know if you read this, though I suspect you do to keep an eye on me, which is just...messed up.

Nothing is going on between Deirdre and me. We are best friends. I love her but I am not in love with her. Not trusting me is fine, you don't know me, but not trusting her is insulting and rude.

And if you ever speak to her again like you did tonight, I am going to break your nose.
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(no subject) [May. 7th, 2010|11:55 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

Today at work we were asked to do several evaluations on some of the newer inhabitants of the shelter. This is a government thing, otherwise I'd tell them to shove off. But we have to do it. It's a scale that apparently ranks the chances of someone to offend or reoffend. The thing is...okay, I get that risk assessment is very important in the kind of work I do, but these scales seem so...pathetic. It's a tool to assist in the risk assessment, and that's all it's meant to be. I worry about people taking these kinds of things too seriously. So I called my staff together and I showed them how I ranked on the scale.

The scale asked about how many times the person had been in trouble with the law and at what age. It asked about support systems and where the person lived. It was all given a numerical value, depending on what was seen as unlikely to commit a crime, up to likely. I answered it as of now. I said I had a stable home and support network, but that in the past I had been known by the police, I had started fires and committed offenses and on and on...I scored a very high 45 out of 60. Very likely to offend or reoffend. And I'm sorry, but I'm moved past that. The scale just doesn't have a catergory for 'has changed their tune'. So we talked about using the tool the way it was meant to be used, and utilising the brain more than a piece of paper when deciding the fate of some poor kid who just maybe was in a desperate situation and didn't have a choice, or was acting out because of the way they were treated at home.

Or a kid who didn't know any better because all they had ever been shown was violence and aggression. And the moment they met someone who told them life didn't have to be that way, they changed and never looked back.

People aren't scales. They aren't statues either. Anyone can change and while our pasts contribute to who we are, they do not solely define us. It's what we do and who we are now that matters.
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Friends Only [May. 1st, 2010|04:05 am]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |happyhappy]

Today I took a walk in the park because it had been so long since I just wandered. I spent so long wandering because I had nowhere to go. Now I have somewhere to go, and I have somehow managed to fill my life to the brim so that there is never a time when I am idle and at a loss for something to do. For some reason being idle scares me. And now there is my husband and my best friend and my housemate and my band and my shelter and my friends and and and sometimes I like to read a book because Quinny likes smart boys.

Today, there was nothing, and I took that walk. And I realised how tired I am.

I came home and my husband was waiting for me. He had lunch there waiting for me, and then we ate together and talked. And it was wonderful. Spectre called and told me to take the afternoon off. Deirdre brought over about ten thousand biscuits... It was as if every single person I love read my mind and knew what I needed.

I am the luckiest man in the world.
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Friends Only [Apr. 22nd, 2010|03:10 am]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |hyperhyper]

Spectre and I played guitar together like some two-headed guitar-playing freak! It was awesome and it worked and then Spectre said he might feel like he had stuck his hands in a sink disposal tomorrow (ew...) but we did it!

Also, Quinny and I took a walk outside and he's doing very well. And I am pleased!
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Friends Only [Mar. 19th, 2010|12:06 am]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |relievedrelieved]

Quinn's awake! And he's OKAY!!! He remembers who he is and his name and everything!! :D
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Public and then friends only [Mar. 8th, 2010|10:47 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |angryangry]

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Filtered to Fable [Mar. 1st, 2010|04:18 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |blahblah]

I believe you when you say you didn't know about Frankie and had nothing to do with what happened to Quinn. Thing is, if you eventually do have something to do with the man who tried to kill my husband, we have a conflict of interest. I'm not asking you to choose between what you believe and spending time with me because I know how that would go. Just...I can't be involved with someone who might give Frankie information, even inadvertently. I don't even want him to know he failed. I haven't even spoken to my parents because they might tell him Quinn is still alive and he might try again.

I just...need you to know that. If it happens, I won't react well. And it might not be fair, but so be it.
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Friends Only [Mar. 1st, 2010|04:11 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |draineddrained]

Fuck you, doctor, I don't need to sleep.

You send me home and all I have is an emptyarse room in a big fucking house that has no one in it and all I can think about is how I did this to him by marrying him. So thank you so fucking much.

Visiting hours are fucking ass.

I'm coming to stay in my old room, Abby. Don't say no, I'll cry on your front lawn.
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Friends Only - Rage removed from Filter [Feb. 27th, 2010|04:12 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |pissed offpissed off]

It was Frankie who shot Quinn. He escaped from prison and Rage is harbouring him. Is there anything we can do, Tasha?
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Friends Only [Feb. 27th, 2010|03:58 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |listlesslistless]

They stopped Quinn's bleeding and he's being moved from the critical care ward to a regular ward. He's still in a coma from the head trauma, but he'll be okay when he wakes up as long as there's no brain damage again.
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(no subject) [Jan. 28th, 2010|10:54 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |giddyDrunk on Happiness and Wine]

Filming a video is awesome but do you know what is awesomer (it's a word...)? Going home to my husband at night. When the video is done shooting, Quinny and I are going off on our island honeymoon in the middle of nowhere before I go off to Japan to Spectre it up.

I'm so happy! I haven't stopped grinning for the past week. I really haven't.
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(no subject) [Jan. 22nd, 2010|08:59 am]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
I am getting married tomorrow.

Oh dear god (yay!).

And today? My parents are coming to London and I'm really nervous. Saying 'I do' is the easy part because I so totally do. I'm just terrified that the entire event is going to fall down around us. In the end though? We'll still be married.

Today, Eamon, Quinn and I are moving all my stuff over to Quinn's room. To be fair, this won't take long. I don't have very much. Then there is the rehearsal dinner and then I won't sleep at all even though I'll be with Deirdre and then the wedding is in the afternoon and eeeeiiii!

I'm a bride! Okay, Quinny is a bride, but still yay as far as I am concerned.
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Friends Only [Jan. 17th, 2010|05:45 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |happyhappy]

NAMM is great! And I like LA, despite initial reservations. Apparently Deirdre thinks I'm mad and finds the place 'uncultured'. Well dotidoodoo!

Tomorrow I'm going to Disneyland! I've never been to a theme park! Don't look shocked... I'm so excited! James and I have been plotting over the map so that we can plan our day out. It's always better with a plan, you see. We want to maximise our visit so that we get in as much as possible!

I might be quite silly, but I can't help it. I'm so excited.

And you know what's even better than that? By this time next week? I'll be married. I'll be someone's husband, and I'll have a husband and this is just the most wonderful thing in the world.
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Friends Only [Jan. 9th, 2010|10:55 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |intimidatedintimidated]

I am getting married on the 23rd of January and I think I just had a HEART ATTACK!

WHAT THE HELL ARE BOOTINEERS ANYWAY!? Or however it's spelled. Why do I need a Bootything? Stupid PLANS.
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(no subject) [Jan. 7th, 2010|03:47 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |worriedworried]

It's so freaking cold. So motherfreaking cold. I keep thinking 'I could be out in this' and it scares me because some people are.

We're running out of room in the shelter. Already. It's just because of the winter we've been having. We can send some of the girls to Liz's and the others to Lia's shelter, but I just hope...

I wish everybody had a place to go. Especially in weather like this. I wish we could do everything. And the fact that we can't? I hate that.
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Filtered to Tristan [Jan. 6th, 2010|01:49 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |optimisticoptimistic]

Hi, Tristan.

How are you?
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Filtered to Spectre, Abby, Thomas and Stuart [Jan. 6th, 2010|01:48 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |gratefulgrateful]

Hi, Guys.

Since all this wedding stuff is happening (so fast...I'm kind of shocked) I guess this means I'll be moving out in a few weeks. I'm really excited to be with Quinn again, but I'm really sad about moving too. I wanted you to know...this is the first place I've ever lived which I actually considered home. After my parents kicked me out, I realised their house was never really home anyway; it was where I lived, but under the stipulation (apparently) that I follow their rules and share their values. And since I discovered I did not, and I was merely misguided...that was never my home.

I know I've said this a million times before, and I probably will say it a million more times...I can't thank you enough. I was just some random kid Thomas and Lavinia saw playing in a bar, and from that I have come to know the most amazing people. You all took me in when I had no place to go. There was no reason for it, beyond your compassion. I was closed off and quiet and I probably didn't seem all that nice to be around. I don't know because I was me, but...you know what I mean. A conversation was me sort of grunting at people and looking shocked that they even noticed I was there. But that didn't matter. Spectre gave me a job, and then when Al kicked me out and I was all prepared to head back out there and sleep in an alley - or whatever - you all offered me a place not only in your home, but in your hearts. I was used to being invisible for so long and even though you have some idea of what it's like Spectre...I can't begin to tell you how much that meant to me. Especially at the time... I did try, but all that came out was a tiny, shy smile. If you remember me doing that, it did mean 'You have given me more than I ever thought I would have again, and I love you all so much for it'.

My heart was as tired and hungry as I was, and you all took care of it. And me. And you certainly didn't have to. You did it because you wanted to. I hope you know what a profound difference you all made in my life. I owe you all so much. Everything. I owe you absolutely everything. You are all extraordinary, and I have loved living with you so much.

I'm going to a new home, but I will never forget my first home. And obviously I'll be around a lot to work with Spectre in the studio and because I can't stay away from James, Mara and Marie. So I hope this doesn't sound like a farewell. I just needed to say it.

Thank you.
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Friends Only [Jan. 3rd, 2010|09:21 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |annoyedArghhhhhh]

I am in my parents' house surrounded by my misspent youth (I found some bits of dangerous things I should admit to having around Tasha and Paul, and some very suspicious, very old weed...) and I feel like.... I have no idea.

And I would kill you for a cigarette. Yes, you.
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Friends Only [Jan. 2nd, 2010|06:38 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |happyhappy]

I have not stopped smiling for the past day and a half and I think my face is going to fall off.

We've been trying to nail down a date because we want to get married soon, Quinn and I. Mostly because I'm a dirty tourer who leaves him alone for months at a time... Sooner is probably better. GIVE SUGGESTIONS! Should we do it on Valentine's Day? Are we those guys?!

I think the Japan tour is in March or April. I think. Aaahhhhhh I forgot when you decide to do this, then you have to make a million more decisions. Shite! NOT THE DAY TO DECIDE TO GIVE UP SMOKING. Which Quinn and I both decided to do since we have happiness to keep up from clawing each other's brains out.

...and I want to tell my parents. I don't know what they'll say, but I want to tell them.
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Friends Only [Jan. 1st, 2010|12:46 am]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |fullfull]

Ohhhhh my goddddddd I ate too much food and I'm dying. It's so strange! There's always food everywhere all over the place here and I can't not eat it if it's there because...instincts... And I don't think I will move now for hours. Ohhhhhh ohhhhh no.

I may require new trousers...

Happy New Year, I've eaten myself into a near-coma!
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Filtered to Adrina, Spectre, Eamon, Deirdre and Thomas [Dec. 29th, 2009|12:34 am]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

I need help.

I want to know whether I should marry Quinn now, or wait a while. His father asked me at Christmas. His real father... It sounds like he is finally okay with it, which sort of says to me it can be time. Quinny also pointed out that now or in a few years is okay with him.

I can't decide. If we're going to do it anyway, why not do it now? But if we're going to do it anyway, why not do it later? I literally cannot think beyond that... Help me! He knows I was going to talk to you, by the way. You can talk to him about it too, it's totally okay.
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Private [Dec. 9th, 2009|09:50 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |angryangry]

I promised her.


Friends Only [Nov. 15th, 2009|11:52 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]

Adrina's in Belfast and I'm freakin' out.
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OH HAI! [Nov. 8th, 2009|07:42 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |crazyHUNGRIES]

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Filtered to Tristan [Oct. 21st, 2009|08:57 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Hey, Tristan!

Tomorrow the band is playing in Boston and then we have three days off before hitting New York. We'll be in Canada on Halloween, but apparently the celebrations for Halloween start early here (and we'll be in NYC on D's birthday which is the 29th and she's all ECSTATIC about that) and I remember you said you wanted to experience an American Halloween once.

So. Do you want to!? I can get you a ticket because I have magic powers. I'd love to have you along too. It would be incredible. If you can!
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Friends Only [Sep. 29th, 2009|09:29 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]


He's going to be blind for about the next two weeks while he has a patch on his good eye. After that they'll assess it, but they said his vision will still be next to what it was, if not exactly the same. They removed a blood clot and now he's speaking Sylvia Plath poems in all his highness.

He says no one make fun of him for walking like Frankenstein for the next two weeks.

Oh, and his parents are moving here ♥!
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To Those in the Know [Sep. 24th, 2009|07:56 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |crushedcrushed]

My hand hurts, but my heart hurts more.

Without Kait...what are we going to do? Fuck, I miss her so much.
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To Those in the Know [Sep. 16th, 2009|01:32 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

Amaris sent me a memento of my time with her too. I didn't actually watch it. I broke it in half and threw it away, but I thought I should warn you. Autumn, Crystal, Kay, Carla...she might send something your way, you never know. If she knows your address. Here's hoping she doesn't. Don't give her the time of day, she's just trying to cause more heartache.

I had to see what she sent Thomas, and it was beyond disgusting. Beyond it. I have never seen anything so heartbreaking in my life, and I experienced my own time with her. It made me realise how lucky I've been.

I was homeless for six years and never once did I actually think I would die from hunger. Once I thought I would die from cold, and of course I worried that I might not be able to scrape up enough nutrition down the line and that could endanger my life. But I never thought, "this is it. I'm dying." That seems huge to me to realise. I actually thought Quinny was dying once, and that's it. Thank fuck I was wrong. And bless pancakes and their timely ability to bring people back from the brink, eh?

Thomas suffered more horror in those two weeks than I did in six years of grief, pain and unhappiness. That's disgusting. And then causing that explosion. And what she did to Quinnt. I don't care if Amaris has Tasha or not anymore, I want her gone anyway. I don't know how that would even be possible, but for someone to do what she did to other human beings... She shouldn't be allowed to get away with it.
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Filtered to Quinn and Adrina [Sep. 13th, 2009|03:32 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |awakeawake]

Hi, guys.

I was hanging with my friend Godric, and we went to see one of the ladies who auditioned for Spectre's band. Her name is Serenity and she's wonderful. Godric says he's known her since they were really little and she's the best person he knows. Apparently she's been living with her friends because she had a bad boyfriend and doesn't want to go home.

I was wondering...is there a spare room there? She's really lovely and she plays the keyboards (obviously, duh Flynn...) so you all have something in common! She's really arty, and she has a cat named Mr Bojangles, and she makes me laugh. And you know I wouldn't ask if I thought there was any way it could go badly. It's up to you though. Completely.
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Friends Only [Sep. 10th, 2009|09:47 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |sadsad]

I have walked Quinn to exhaustion. He's curled on the end of his bed looking strikingly like Booster is his curled up next to him. Maybe I should be worried about that.

I hate that my friend is missing. I hate that not only can I not help, but that I don't know where anyone should start were they to help. I hate that I'm tired and hungry and it matters. I hate that where ever my friend is, she probably has to be there another night.

My shelter got all it's approvals. It can open soon now, after some touch up work and a few more hires. And I wish she knew.

I also hate that I was trained not to care. That had Quinny not retrieved my backpack for me that day I was arrested, so we ended up having a very awkward meeting when he gave it back...I might never had met him and today I would consider this a win. It makes me sick. And ashamed to admit. I do admit it, though. People should see how wrong blind hatred is.

I'm going to make myself a sandwich.
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(no subject) [Sep. 5th, 2009|08:29 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |relievedrelieved]

Quinny is okay! He was in a car accident and his tiny little auto ist kaput, but he and his brother are alright and I'm so glad. He's in bed right now and I'm playing nursemaid, a role I am apparently very fit for. Who knew? I brought him cakeys and his books and I played him some songs and he fell asleep.

So now I am sharing something with you, because I am feeling whimsical in my relief. While on tour, Kaitlyn Sommersby (of Ethereal Facade and Deirdre ♥ Kait) and I were kind of playing around with some songs. She plays keys, and I was playing with my guitar instead of my bass. We both liked the Van Halen brothers' song Respect the Wind, so we learned it and we recorded it in the Victoria Lane studio the other day.

And voila

You don't have to download it, you can just let it load on that little player below the download link. It's just guitar and keys, but we're pleased with it. Kait is so incredibly talented.
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Friends Only - Posted from Mobile [Sep. 4th, 2009|08:59 am]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |scaredscared]

Quinn and Eamon were in a car accident! They're at RMMH and I don't knOW WHAT'S HAPPENING BECAUSE THEY WON'T LET ME IN!
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(no subject) [Sep. 1st, 2009|07:27 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |amusedamused]

If you think Deirdre's is bad (Efron does rate up there) I would like to share this.

It's funny because it used to be me.
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(no subject) [Aug. 26th, 2009|05:37 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |nauseatednauseated]

Back in London after a mostly successful tour. My Quinn surprised me halfway through by showing up, and then he came back for the special show in Hungary. We flew home together, even if he was asleep the entire time. It was really cute. I, however, could not sleep, because Deirdre saw fit to purchase the world’s biggest Turkish coffee for me as we left Turkey, and so I was jazzed the entire flight home.

I made the mistake of watching The Soloist.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the movie was bad. In fact, the parts I saw were amazing, but I couldn’t finish it. Someday, maybe.

I’ll explain. The movie is about a reporter who finds a musician living on the streets of LA. The musician attended Julliard, but he never finished, because halfway through he started hearing voices. His name was Nathanial and he was a cellist, but when Mister Robert Downey Junior found him, he was playing a violin with only two strings. Eventually (through plot elements which made me cry) he ends up with a cello again, and he plays it in what was like a shelter for the homeless in LA and they all listen and they’re amazed. Up til that point, the movie was working for me, because I get it, and I know Spectre does too.

Later, Mister Robert Downey Junior looks for the musician again and he’s looking around the crowded streets at all the people and clearly feeling uncomfortable and I had to stop watching it. For some reason, that scene made me so paranoid. I glanced around the airplane to see if anyone else was watching it, because I was suddenly sure that if they saw that scene, they would know I’m a pretender. I’m not the bassist for a popular prog metal band. People don’t pay to come see me and my friends on stage. I’m living someone else’s life and I’m a fake, and I belong on those streets with the rest of them and I was so sure someone would scream it out at the top of their lungs any moment.

Of course, they didn’t. No one was paying attention to me, and even if they had been, it’s ridiculous to think they would think that of me. Because I’m not a pretender, but sometimes I can’t help but feel like one. That movie was more or less my reality for so long (minus the voices, I really promise…and I didn’t have a shopping cart, had a really big backpack…) breaking away from it is sometimes so hard. I have no idea if The Musician has a happy ending. If his voices quiet down, or if his friendship with The Reporter means that it doesn’t matter and Mister Downey Junior was the foot in the door he needed, like Spectre was mine. I do know it was based on a true story and so I hope. I hope so much. And I’m going to keep living my life as best I can, because regardless of where I think I belong, I’m here now.

And if you see a cellist on the streets of LA, say hi for me. And give him a few dollars. He probably needs it.
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(no subject) [Jul. 27th, 2009|07:59 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |amusedamused]

RevengeCollapse )

Don't mess with Flynn when he's friends with your mother.
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Friends Only [Jul. 26th, 2009|06:09 pm]
Malachy Ronan Flynn
[Current Mood |awakeawake]

My phone ran out of batteries when I was in the middle of a conversation with Quinny!!! I'm so upset!

I'm sorry, Quinn! I love you!

I have yet to feel Deirdre's babies moving, though she consistently grabs my hand throughout the day to shove against her belly. Maybe it's me! :( I talk to them anyway because I want them to know their Uncle Flynn when they're born. Deirdre and I read some kids books we picked up, but then Deirdre cried for two hours about how I should have been the dad. And THEN she laughed for another two, claiming it was hormones.

I'm kind of freaked out, but whatever.
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